2011   May 21

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2013   May 29

My Mom loved to play Bingo. When we lived in Vancouver she went with friends in the evening to the church bingos. It was her source of entertainment and she had lots of friends that joined her and they had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves. She would go 4 or 5 times a week.

We moved out of the city and she found a Bingo hall that played in the daytime and started going. She met a couple of her old friends that had moved out too and soon knew lots of more people. It was a good way to get acquainted in a new place. She was pretty lucky too.

One time Mom won $5000 and there were other times she came home with hundreds or as little as ten dollars. She knew she couldn’t be a winner all the time and would say, ‘when it’s not your turn, it’s not your turn’. How true that was. I didn’t have the luck that she had, but there again, I enjoyed the day off and the friendly people. I even missed a $1000′s one night on a Bonanza with a missed number. That can happen. I didn’t sleep too good that night.

One day I was at home painting walls and Mom came in. She was talking about the day at Bingo and mentioned she almost missed a win on one game but her friend noticed and yelled for her. She had to split the money with another winner but she got $50.00. I was pleased she had received something. Then she said I guess I was a little shook up because I had just won $15,500.00 two games before.

I continued painting and casually said, ‘ Oh you mean $1550.00.” She said no, ‘$15,500.00.’ I almost fell off the ladder. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A Bingo game that you could win that much. Well it was true. The odds were slim and everything just has to be just right but she did win $15,500.00.

The Game was called ‘Lucky G’ and you had to have the last number called and it had to be the G ball you need on exactly the 58th number. That day was her Lucky G day. Oh, I forgot to mention that my Mother was 85 years old when she won.

If you would like to read of my bingo stories, you can find them at bingohall.org.

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Moon Bingo

moon-bingoMoon Bingo has recently relaunched its online bingo site and you can now enjoy a bingo site that is even more out of this world than the last site.

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When playing at Moon Bingo, you can earn points which are essentially Moon loyalty points awarded for being a member. You can earn points moon when you buy tickets or cards for games, see friends or participate in promotional games and the more points you collect, the more free games you can enjoy.

The Origins of the Game

As is the case with many things in our history, bingo became a hugely popular and commercial success when it was “discovered” by an American toy salesman, Edwin Lowe, in 1929, while visiting a local carnival just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The game was being played by a group of people, and was actually called “Beano” at the time.

Here are just a few interesting things that occurred after Lowe changed the name from “Beano” to “Bingo”:

  • The name “Bingo” was actually a mistake. Instead of screaming “Beano”, a woman playing the game at Lowe’s apartment screamed “bingo” after completing the first row.

  • Carl Leffler, a mathematician from Columbia University commissioned by Edwin Lowe, developed Lowe’s bingo system and by late 1930 came up with 6,000 different card combinations with non-repeating number groups. After completing the job, he went completely insane.

  • By 1934 it is estimated that 10,000 bingo games were played every week.

  • According to Lowe, the largest bingo game in history was played in New York’s Teaneck Armory with 60,000 players ? with 10,000 being turned away at the door.

The Origins of the Game

Now, with regards to the actual origins of the game:

  • Bingo is similar to a Christmas game played in Italy, called “Tombola”. The premise of the game was the same ? people would shout as soon as a line was completed on a card marked by a series of numbers arranged into rows and columns.

  • Many believe bingo stemmed from an Italian lottery game in the 1530s, called “Lo Giuoco Del Lotto D’Italia”.

  • Bingo appeared in France during the 1700s as a game called “Le lotto”.

  • During the 1800s, the German Education System adopted the game as a means of helping to teach children multiplication tables.

Bingo Spread Quickly Throughout Europe

The first bingo games can be traced back to Italy during 1530. It originated as a lottery game called, “Lo Giuoco Del Lotto D’Italia”. It then migrated over to France sometime during the 1700s, where it was regularly played by wealthy Frenchmen.

Reading the numbers out loud is just one of the numerous modifications applied to the game by the French, and one of the many changes suffered throughout the centuries of its existence.

Throughout the 1800s bingo spread quickly throughout Europe. When it had initially arrived in Germany, it was not used as a game, but as a method by which students could better learn mathematics, spelling, and history.

It’s easy to see why bingo would eventually find itself onto the Internet in an easy-to-play online version.

2012   Aug 10

888-ladies-bingoSome of the 888 Ladies online gaming portals have the capacity to withhold thousands of players at any given point of time. To attract more players, 888 Ladies web sites organise lots of games and tournaments with exclusive bonuses, promotions, free bees and special jackpots.

It is advisable to log into reputed and authentic sites and check reviews to ensure it’s a secure site. Another caution to be taken while playing 888 Ladies is not to place high bets especially if you are a beginner for you can lose all your money to a professional online player.

Today gambling sites are not about just minting money but are also getting involved in doing noble work like creating funds for the earthquake victims. It is always advisable to place your bet wisely and not go overboard with gambling. By playing 888 Ladies you are entering an international and worldwide community.


Bingo is indeed a very popular game whether played online or in a bingo hall. There are some 888 ladies online gambling rooms with a capacity of 70,000 players at any given point of time. 888 Ladies online gambling sites have various games and tournaments.

If you are a beginner, with due course of time the game can be mastered since it is not at all difficult to play. To be able to play 888 Ladies online is a boon for all the gamblers.

Online bingo is not only meant for champions. There are tricks and tips available for new player or the beginners. It is not necessary that you have to play with money; there are many sites where you can play for free too.

Online Security

888 Ladies sites are fun, safe and have friendly environment with highlights of exclusive promotions, bonuses, freebees and special jackpots. You can have a great gaming experience and enroll yourself with the online community where in it would be more fun to play with friends and have live chats with people from all over the world.

888 Ladies is one of the most popular online gambling games with a fare share of players logged in. You must log in to only reputed and authentic sites and check the reviews of the site too. It is essential to log into only secure sites where security measures are tight offering 128 bit encryption security. If you are a beginner then you should never place high bets, else you run the risk of losing your money to the experienced players.

Online 888 Ladies tournaments are played on the internet where players log in from all over the world. You must always remember while playing the game that there are no guaranteed wins as some people claim there to be. There are free online bingo, nickel online bingo and many more variations of bingo games that can be found only in 888 Ladies website.

Have you ever made a deposit at a bingo site without having played at all? This means you have to take another persons word in a bingo review or have a friend that already plays at that site. The alternative is that you can try playing a few times for free before you need to make a deposit.

Accepting a no deposit bingo bonus will allow you to make up your own mind whether or not to play at a website before you have actually spent your money. This means you will get your own experiences with a particular site’s bingo rooms and check out the various games and prizes that they offer.

It will also allow you to see how popular the bingo site is during certain times of the day. The most popular times of day are usually midday and also the evening hours. Of course, most sites should be rather popular during the weekend.

Where Do I Get a Free Deposit Bonus?

I usually check out Free Bingo at Golden Bingo for the no deposit bonuses offered there. They currently offer free bonuses from 25 different bingo sites. That means you can check out several sites for little to no money before you decide which bingo site is the one you would like to play at.

Now, not all of those website offer a no deposit bonus. Several of the bingo sites do, but several also offer a welcome bonus that will make you spend between £5 and £10 on bingo games before you will receive the free money.

What is the difference between these two types of bonuses? You will find that it is more difficult to win money from a no deposit bonus because the bingo sites have rules that make withdrawing money without making a deposit rather difficult. The welcome bonuses are easier because bingo sites are trying to make it easier for a new player to win money on their first deposit. Most sites know that a player who doesn’t win isn’t likely to make a second deposit.

types-of-bingo-gamesThere are several different ways to play the game of bingo. The purpose of this post is to familiarize you, the reader, with these variations on the game. I’ve also provided a chance for you to play bingo games completely free!

Let’s describe the different basic ways to play the game. The number of balls in the game is key to the way it is played.

90 Ball Bingo

This is the game that we should be the most familiar. You will be purchasing bingo tickets beforehand and listening as the numbers are called. The goal of the game is to win one of three prizes: Line, 2 Lines or House.

To win a Line, you will need to cover all 5 numbers in one of your three lines first. To win 2 Lines, you will need to be the first to completely cover any 2 of the 3 lines on a ticket. To win House, you will need to cover all three lines first.

The ticket is arranged as a 3 by 9 grid, giving us a total of 27 spaces. There are 5 numbers on each line of 9 spaces, giving us 4 blank spots in each line. Each of the 9 columns will include 1 or 2 numbers that are within a 10-number range; 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80 and 81-90. A proper bingo ticket will not include an empty column nor a column with 3 numbers.

75 Ball Bingo

This game has made its way into the majority of online bingo halls. Besides only having 75 Balls, the bingo card is shaped as a 5×5 square grid with 25 spaces. There are 24 numbers and a free space in the middle that is automatically covered.

The columns can only include certain numbers out of a 15-number range. In the American version, each column gets a letter that is called with the number. However, most bingo sites here will drop the letter and only call the number.

One of the major differences is that there is usually only one winner to the game. The only way to have multiple winners is to offer multiple prizes as players call Bingo.

The traditional way to win a prize in this game is to be the first person to cover a line of 5 spaces in any direction: Up/down, Left/right or Diagonal. Additional ways to win a prize include covering a pattern on the bingo card or coverall bingo games, where you must be the first to cover all spaces on a bingo card.

80 Ball Bingo

This is a relatively newer bingo game that is an attempt to combine the previous two. An 80 ball bingo ticket consists of a 4×4 square and all 16 spaces include a number. The columns will only contain numbers within a 20-number range.

The traditional way to win at 80 ball bingo is to be the first to complete a line of 4 numbers in any direction. Alternatively, you may also find some 80 ball bingo games that are coveralls (must cover all 16 numbers to win).

30 Ball Bingo

This game is not often found at online bingo halls. The tickets consist of a 3×3 grid with 9 numbers on it. Each column can only consist of numbers within a 10-number range. The goal is to be the first person to cover all 9 numbers.

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xBingo Welcome Bonus

xBingo has got a great bonus for any new players who deposit for their first time! xBingo will match your first deposit 300%. Deposit £10 and you will get £40 to play with. In addition to that, all new players can get a no deposit bonus of £5 to help you try their bingo games. Also, you can take advantage of daily promotions and specials.

If you make a second deposit, you will get 24 hours access to the Free Re-Loaders Game. This can really help get you back on the right track.

xBingo Promotions

Here are the daily promotions that are currently running at xBingo.

Monday – Mini Mondays: You can get 10% of your cash back when you play on any of the embedded Mini Games in the Bingo rooms. VIPs get a special offer of 20% refund!

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Saturday – Winnings Top Up: Play in the Golden Galaxy room between 1pm and 7pm and you will receive an extra 10% on every full house won. VIPs will receive an extra 20% on full house wins!

Also, play free bingo on Saturday’s. All you need to do is purchase the maximum number of tickets for 4 of the 8 Xtra Bingo games. If you don’t win anything, you will be refunded on all of your tickets.

Sunday – Gadget Giveaway: Wager at least £10 in real cash (not bonus money) on either Bingo or Instant Win games and you will be entered into a prize draw to win.

There are also Weekly Slots Tournaments that are hosted. There is £1,500 in cash prizes that will be split between the top 50 players. To participate, you will need to play any of the chosen Slots games each week. Check out the Instant Win tab in the Bingo lobby to see the current week’s chosen games. The top prize is £500!